I am a wildlife Marine Biologist from Mexico with an earned M.Sc. in Marine and Coastal Sciences from UABCS, México.
I am a certified tour guide in Mexico with 20 years of experience in nature tours. I have guided tours in the Mexican Caribbean and in the Pacific coast, focus on whale shark, humpback whale, dolphins, crocodriles, sea turtles, birds, snorqueling and hicking. I am also certified as cultural tour guide since 2019. I also have work as a Park Ranger in the National Park “Contoy Island”, a natural protected area in the Mexican Caribbean.
I like open water sports, all faces of culture, science, reading and walking outdoors to take pictures of the city.
My recent achievement is to cofund a non-profit organization regarding research and conservation of marine fauna in the Baja South of México under the name of MOKEN.

Mexican Tour guide Standards:
Specialized tour guide NOM-09-TUR-2002: (License number : E002921; expires 2023-06-21)
General tour guide NOM-08-TUR-2002: (License number : N007627 expires 2023-02-26)

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