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Mr. Xolio is a trilingual tour guide for English, Italian and Spanish-speaking tourists. He has been a tour guide for more than 15 years with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry. Member and Founding member of the Colegio de Guias college, and financial bocal

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Andros Romero · 2020-05-05 a las 2:24 pm

Mr Elias has been such one of the best guides I have known in all my experience with Tourists. He made all our guests feel attended; since the beginning of the experience until the end of the excursion he will have any kind of detail with each tourist on that tour. Elias knows all the area of Yucatan, all the most important places to visit and secret places too. He has such a nice level of knowledge and every explanation is authentic. We operate excursions for every kind of guest and we never received any complaint. He is the only guide that will create circuits and excursions that not any other company will do, offering affordable rates and making the best experience for our guests . Highly recommended !

Crystal Torres · 2020-05-05 a las 9:26 pm

Meeting Elias while on our honeymoon 2018 was the best thing that ever happened to us! His passion, love and knowledge of Mexico was so evident, he is definitely in the right job. We loved Mexico so much that we returned, exactly a year later in 2019 and had to get in contact with him again and we did! Such a beautiful and humble soul. Highly recommend- you won’t be disappointed.

Elias, eres un gran persona y nos veremos pronto cuando todo esto pasa ?

    Elias Xolio · 2020-05-05 a las 10:06 pm

    thank friend I send kisses and hugs and yes well see you soon !!!

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