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She was born in Mexico City, but grew up in the state of Querétaro. Daughter of
intellectuals who instilled in her a love of art and science. Her father, an engineer, and her
mother, an art historian, took her on trips to historical places and always encouraged her to
develop her creativity and cultivate a taste for music, dance, theater, reading, culture and
science that led her to study a career in environmental studies, never ceasing to be
passionate about art and travel. At a very young age she had the opportunity to tour most of
the states of the Mexican Republic which resulted in a love and pride for Mexico and its
At age 18 she volunteered for 6 months in the state of Quintana Roo, which made her
uncover its greatness and beautiful surroundings. Finally, in 2007, she moved to Playa del
Carmen to discover the profession that would cover all these areas of interest: Tour Guide.
Always eager to share information, knowledge and experience, she is now also a trainer and
guide´s coach.

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